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Lets face it, refinancing your mortgage is a lot of work. What starts as a simple project quickly turns into months of work and difficult questions: When is the perfect time to refinance? Am I getting the best refinance rates? Are we locking in the best interest rate? Our calculator helps you decide easily in minutes.


Refinance Monitor takes the guesswork out of your refinance by letting you enter some basic criteria about your finances and then alerting you via email when it's the ideal time to refinance. Forget checking mortgage rates every day and let us do the hard work for you.


Want to lower your monthly payment? Looking for a specific interest rate? Wondering you'll save money by refinancing?

Use our helpful tools to understand your potential refinance scenarios.

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Set it and forget it! Refinance Monitor will track the rates and comparing your mortgage financials for you so you can get back to your life.


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What People Say About Us

“Refinance monitor saved me so much time and stress. No longer do I forget to check rates or worry that I will get the optimal rate.”

Paulina Sernine

"I no longer worry about fluctuating mortgage rates as I know Refinance Monitor will let me know when I can reach my target monthly payment"

Zander Flemming
Mortgage Lover

“Refinance Monitor was instrumental in helping my understanding how I could save money through refinancing. The cost of the service was less than the entire savings from the first month of my refinancing! Spending the money was a no brainer.”

Lexi Armstrong
Strapped for Cash